Tutorial Transcript

From childhood I always dreamed of my own school of languages. I dreamed that I would be an entrepreneur and a businessman. Probably, because my dad was a businessman too. And now 5 years after the start of BeFluent, I understand that I really like to do business. I really like create a product which people like. I am very glad that my knowledge helps you learn Russian language. And now, this exact return from viewers motivates me to move further, but I have probably more of a higher goal with with this school of languages ​​and with the school of the Russian language. When I came to America, I realized that here people do not understand Russians and only have a judgement about Russia through TV. And I had a goal to make learning Russian language so simple that people could easily learn Russian and go to Russia learn the culture of Russia, learn how people live, get to know the Russians to find out the truth to find out how we really live in Russia, and so that there won't any fog in people's heads. And I think that slowly but surely slowly we are this achieving goals and that people really learn Russian with us. I am very happy about this.