Tutorial Transcript

Our company is already 4 years old. We started to teach Russian language in 2016, and during this time a lot has happened. We started writing courses, started programs like BeFluent Camp, for example, and etc. And recently, we finally launched our website. This is a site where people can learn Russian language from start to finish. So far this website in beta-testing. I believe that by the beginning of March we will have the site fully launched. And we want to make this site the best for those who learn Russian. We want to give you everything that you need to study Russian, which is right grammar, exercises, practical exercises, then translations, texts songs and so on. And now we have plans to create content for the site. Do more and more for the site so you can enjoy it. So far, the process is slow because we are trying to understand what our students need but we work every day and work very diligently so that this program will be the best and we hope you will be able to check it out and join us.