Tutorial Transcript

I and my girlfriend went to Ben Howard concert. My girlfriend Victoria and I met, talking about .. about this artist, and so we both wanted to go to the concert. And we were very happy to see that he performs near us. We arrived at the concert, and to be honest it was very bad. I imagined a concert - it's a lot people and everyone is very happy to see an artist, a lot of energy, but due to the fact that he himself is an artist very ... his music is very atmospheric, calm, very unusual. Listen to it, you will understand what I'm talking about. Then everyone was very quiet and calm, and I did not understand this. And he also came out with a new album and I didn't really like the new album, I like his old albums, and which he unfortunately did not perform in the first forty minutes, and so ... so we left, we did not finish watching the concert to the end and left after the first ... after the first forty minutes, or so.