Tutorial Transcript

In Russia, we have two great holidays. The first holiday is Men's Day or as it is officially called Day of a Defender of the Homeland. We celebrate it on the twenty-third of February and historically this holiday is dedicated to all the men who defended their homeland in the war. But in our years there's almost no war and very few people, very few men really fought in a war and therefore this holiday just turned into a holiday of all men, that is, women give gifts for men. At our school, our girls, in my class, gave us small gifts, and also on this Russia, people do not work almost, that is it's a national holiday and this holiday is an official day off. And also we have a wonderful holiday 8th of March. This is a day, this is an international women day and the opposite on this day, all men give gifts to women. For example, my dad always gives my mom and my sister flowers. This year I gave flowers to my wife. And I sure my brother gave flowers to his wife too. That is, on this day, men take care of all women not only their wives, but also mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and so on. Unfortunately these two holidays don't exist in America. There is mother’s day, father’s day, but there's no official day of men and women. Well at least there's no national holidays, when the whole country could rest and just give gifts to men and women.