Tutorial Transcript

Tomorrow I will have a very good day. I will only have one pair, only one class, and I will have a lot of free time. And since we have BeFluent Camp, it already approaches the beginning, there is only one week remained, and you are watching this video on Sunday, that is it turns out we will have BeFluent Camp tomorrow , but now it's Monday here. I still have a week to prepare for BeFluent Camp, and so I will prepare, I will write outmaterials, I will do different tables, different texts. That's why I need to sleep today very well. Tomorrow I want to get up at 5 in the morning, as I usually get up, then, perhaps, walk around, listen to music, or listen to some podcast and do some work. To start doing BeFluent Camp and so on. So, also I will eat of course in a cafeteria, I'll have breakfast, I will have lunch, and will have dinner. I'm eating now much less than before, because as you know, I'm trying to eat right. So, I think that my day will end at about 6o'clock, my working day will end at around 6pm , because I have a 6:30 class, and I'll go to this class, to this pair to study, then come back here and go to sleep.