Tutorial Transcript

I was in Russia, I guess, four weeks and I worked there at the laptop, I worked there also how I work here. Only in Russia I do not have my office, I have my room in the house of my parents and there I work just at a laptop, I have no good keyboard no good mouse, no good screen, monitor, no strong computer. And I came back to the states around a week ago and I realized how much It is important for me to have my own office. How important it is for me to have my own space where I can work well. When I arrived, I have the screen that's twice as large than the laptop screen, I can see everything, no need to squint say, I don’t need to sit close to the screen. Everything is clear. You can lean back in the chair and work peacefully. Also I do not like when there is a lot on the screen, right? And I like to have space for each of the tabs and I can work well. And also at my home it's very noisy. That is, I am in my room, I hear everything that happens throughout the house. And here, here in my office I have well, good sound insulation nobody bothers me, nobody worries me. And I can work peacefully I can peacefully do by own thing. And soon I’m moving to my personal apartment. There I will have even more space, even more space. And there I really can completely customize my office. And of course I can’t wait, when this will happen. And it will happen very soon, in a week and a half. I am very happy about this, and I think that I will share this with you in one of such videos.