Tutorial Transcript

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday I had a day off. On weekends, I usually don't work, maybe I'll do something urgent, but usually I won't. Because I work very hard during the week. And I get very tired. If I don’t rest on the weekend, then very soon I’ll just get very tired. And such a regime allows me to give all my best for a week and then have a good rest. I used to work on weekends as well, but then after a while I just, just no energy at all, I just have constant fatigue, and therefore I realized that I needed to rest. Usually on weekends I play computer games, watch videos on YouTube, listen to music, play guitar, go for a walk and so on. In general, I do everything to relax, not to think about anything, so that the whole load of the week and all the load of work on me completely disappears. And so that everything is relaxed, and so that I can really rest.