Tutorial Transcript

I first started doing yoga when I came to Los Angeles. And I discovered this wonderful lesson for myself, because before that I did not know anything about yoga. I'm not a flexible person at all, I can not reach the tips of my toes of my feet, standing ... that is, I can not touch the floor, standing on straight legs. And that's why I was interested in yoga as a form of stretching, so to speak And I probably did it 10 times, probably. And I really liked it, I liked how I felt myself after yoga, and what exercises were given to us there. Therefore, if you want do stretching, or some kind of not very active kind of physical activity, then I advise yoga, because this is such an exercise, which makes you concentrate, makes you think about everything good in your life even sometimes, and it makes you relax. And I felt that I did not Only became more flexible, but also calmer, because probably anyway the practice of yoga is not only for stretching, And also for some, I don't know, psychological, for some psychological stability, or something. Surely, it's used throughout world not just because, and certainly not just because it has such popularity. Yeah. I want to continue, of course, although for me it is difficult, but it is very useful for me, so I want to go on and continue to practice yoga.