Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles start at 0:25 I stopped making a videos in June. I decided that I needed a vacation, and I'm tired of the constant rush to record videos every week, then edit them and it was taking me a lot of time and energy. But also outside YouTube, we had many different projects and they are still there. And it was necessary to pay more attention to these projects, and therefore month in June, I paid attention to other projects, outside Youtube. But now, of course I am back and honestly I have many different experiences accumulated, which I want to share with you. I also spent time at home, with my family and friends, just wonderful time I had in June at home. Now I'm back to America and that's why I again took up the videos. I've spend very good time with my friends, excellent time spent. And of course, I already miss them, although there was only one week that passed. What else can I say? I think it's also important that I took up my health, that is, it is stretching, it is proper nutrition, it is some routine everyday, and all aspects of my life somehow became a little bit better, because earlier I had tennis, studying, and many other things that I had a lot of time occupied by, and now I'm more free so to say. And I think that's it.