Tutorial Transcript

I moved back to Virginia in university, because I'm starting to study again. I go to grad school, I will also to learn business administration, in other words, management. I have only one year left, and I can not wait, when I'll finish, because I studied all of my life, since the sixth grade, it turns out, starting from the age of six, from the first grade. I'm 21 now, I will be 22 when I I will finish university. Comes to 16 years out of 22 I will do school. I will study in general. I want to work and I want to live in my own apartment, in my own space, in my own place, because now I'm constantly moving, I'm going to Russia, then back to the university, then to California I often go, then other states. I'm sick of it, I want to live in one place, and to buy some furniture, equip my place, to equip my apartment. I want it really really badly, I think that I'm ready for this. So, but about moving, I wanted to talk a little about something else. I wanted to talk about what, as it turned out, despite the fact that I know what I need, I know what I need to buy, I did not expect that the move would be so difficult. I had to buy new furniture, buy new things, like ironing board, like our background and many other things. So. I thought that it will be much much easier.