Tutorial Transcript

I really love to eat. I love to eat a lot and I love to eat deliciously. I do not have no allergies and I'm not on any diet right now, but I understand that over the years my metabolism is getting worse and worse and worse, because as a child I could eat mountains of food just mountains of food and not get fat. Now I can not do this. Perhaps this is due to the fact that In my childhood I moved a lot I did a lot of sports, but now I I work for Be Fluent and so on. I'm not really moving. Of course, I try to do sports but I still do it less than in childhood, perhaps because of this, but nonetheless I still do not have a lot of excess weight, there is a little bit but it's okay and that is, everyone seem to have it, I call "happy weight" when you're happy you gain weight by itself. But little by little I try to get rid of this weights, somehow do more sports or eat more right, that is, to eat salads, to eat less food in principle, and more cooking at home, that is, not to eat somewhere in restaurants or cafes, because it is still different food and your belly is not used to different different foods and therefore sometimes indigestion occurs. That's the deal, and finally, my favorite dish is probably khachapuri and dumplings. I love both these dishes and can eat them every day.