Tutorial Transcript

We recently launched the BeFluent Class and we launched the beta version, so students like you can view this platform and give us a feedback, leave a review on our platform, so that we can somehow make it better. And honestly, the launch of this platform has passed very well. People truly wanted to learn Russian languge with that platform and in truth, they just went to this platform very very quickly. And of course I am very happy about this. We have long wanted to make a platform where people could learn Russian and have everything they need in one place. We are working hard to keep this content growing, so that it is more and more of a high-quality. And with each passing week we will upload more and more on this site. We will all make our content better and better for people Indeed, they could register in this BeFluent Class and have everything they need so that they don’t need other resources. This is of course a very difficult task, it is a very difficult mission, but this is our goal and we really want to achieve this. I think that in a year or two we will succeed. And of course we need help from you, my dear friends. So that you, too, let us know what you are missing in Russian. So that we can do a separate course, a separate resource on our website, to help you. And I’m very proud of what we have done, and we will work more and more on our content, on our platform, so I'm optimistic about our future, because, it seems to me it is very promising for us.