Tutorial Transcript

We, my wife and I, flew to Atlanta for four days. My wife's parents opened their own acting school there. Everything went great. The opening was wonderful and there were a lot of people. Nowadays it is rare to find places where there are many people, but in Atlanta, everything is more relaxed in this regard. Everything went great, a lot of people came, everyone liked it. The school itself is spacious and simply wonderful. And I'm glad that we were there, that we could help. Also on this trip we went to different restaurants, we went to different restaurants, because we lived in a hotel, there was no food there and we had to go to restaurants. We ate Thai food, regular American food, Italian food and Mexican food of course. There are so many different delicious dishes that we tried. And recently we flew back and I'm glad that I flew. I am glad that we were not there for long, and now I can again get down to work making content for you, my dear subscribers and students, to please you more.