Tutorial Transcript

BeFluent Camp just finished, it lasted 12 weeks, and I have learned a lot from this.. I learned a lot during this time. First of all, I've never taught such a large group of people, I only had classes with two people or three, but there never was such that in front of me were 10 people or 9, say 8, and, frankly speaking, when we just started to study, The first weeks I was .. I was very worried because there was a lot, a lot of people, this is a big responsibility, I was sweating, I worried a lot, but then I got used to it. I think it's The first lesson I learned from BeFluent Camp, and this is how to behave when many people look at you and listen to you. So. The second one is that I learned how to correctly select material for my students. Of course, I could make a plan for three or four, I do not know, for three months ahead and say "we will learn this, this, this and this," but during the course of training, I realized that many people already know half of these topics, and I had to change what we were doing. I had to change the themes, I had to change the materials, and I had to change my approach to how I taught this or that topic, because I realized that if I did not change it, then people will not learn much, but I wanted them to learn as much as possible. And, of course, I think that by the next time, when we do BeFluent Camp, I I will be more ... better prepared. I already understand how to teach, how to facilitate, and how to behave with a large group of people, and therefore, friends, in October I'm waiting for you all for another BeFluent Camp season, and I think that in September, at the beginning of September we will open again for you to sign up to BeFluent Camp. I think that prices will remain the same, that we will not raise prices, simply because, I believe that 30 dollars for 3 months, for 12 weeks, it is a very good price, so I'm waiting for you all and I think that's it.