Tutorial Transcript

I don't really like talking about politics. I think politics is a constant debate. Who are you for? Who are you against? What do you think about it? And about this? And there is a constant debate. This is not a dialogue, but just a debate. I don't find this very useful. And now also, why am I not interested in politics, because now politics is a war for attention. Every politician wants to say something that will draw attention to him. It doesn't matter good or bad. If his name appears in the headlines, then it's a victory. I think this is wrong and even dangerous, because politicians are our leaders. These are the leaders of our people. They should lead us to a better future. But often their goals are very selfish and they think about themselves first of all, and then about people. But of course, politicians are not all bad, of course, there are good people who really want to do better. And the main goal of any politician is development. Development of the country in which he works, which he serves. I believe that not only politicians should think about this, but we should also think about how to make the life of our own, of our family, of people around us better. What can we do for others. And that's why I like it when people are involved in charity work that is aimed at improving the living standards of everyone around. And this is very good. I am glad that there are people in this world who care, and who want to make the world a better place.