Tutorial Transcript

Now I I’m not working anywhere, I finished university and now I am my own boss. And I work for myself, I work for BeFluent, making videos on YouTube, we teach people Russian language and so on. And we have a lot of different projects, and it seems that we just do not have enough time every day to make great progress, a big step forward. And every time I wake up I set goals for myself: to do this, to do this, to do this to do this. And at the end of the day I look at this list, and few things are done. Although I worked a lot, I worked, did everything I need but anyway in the end, I did not have enough time. Sometimes of course I'm lazy sometimes of course I watch TV, I watch YouTube, and so on, for too long. It happens. But very often it’s just not enough time, really. I don't have time for guitar now, for learning french, for reading books and so on because I work a lot, because I don't have enough energy for me to later in the evening, when I'm already tired to go and read a book. This does not happen, unfortunately. And I realized what you need to have some kind of balance, balance in your life to spend time for books, for learning, for, I don’t know, for self-development and so on and for work. Because if you don’t set, if you do not take time on all these things then you will not do them. That's why now I try to set aside some time, to do more every day.