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Subtitles start at 0:42 I have a great family. I have a brother and a sister. My brother is older than me for two years, I'm older than my sister for four years. And an interesting fact- me and my sister were born on the same day, May 30, only the difference of four years. I have excellent parents, mom and dad, who brought us up very well. With my brothers and sisters ... with my brother and my sister, they brought us well. Each of us grew up overall to be a very good person, we do not have any bad habits in the family all very well brought up. All, in general, are good children so to speak. I have also grandparents, and I have a very large family, in my opinon. But most importantly in our family we always gather at our home, in the sauna, every Saturday. Of course, not always everyone comes, but we have such an excellent tradition, and when I have my own family, I want to do the same, so that we in our family every, every Saturday, so that there are guests. Well. My family, my brother and sister also, like me, are playing tennis. My sister plays less professionally less seriously, because she has other hobbies, but my brother and I always played tennis since we were young. Dad is also very athletic, he plays hockey from a small age, probably from five years or so, I do not know for sure, but he's been playing for a long time and still is fond of it. My mom is also very athletic, she also does sports, she does fitness, different forms of fitness. And she is now learns English, because I'm in America, I have here ... most likely I will live here, so she learns English. They are also very fond of skiing, and every years they ski two-three times. They go to a ski resort to relax and go skiing. I really like snowboarding, and also like my brother we love riding on a snowboard, probably because it's more interesting, than skis, at least for me and for my brother. And when I'll come home, in three weeks, I'll see my whole family. My parents come to me in six days here to America, because I'm graduating, and then all together we will go to Russia. I really miss my family, I really miss this family atmosphere when we are all together have fun, do not know laugh and so on, we spend good time. And whom I miss most it's hard to say, but I also love my grandmothers and grandfathers, because they talk to me much less often than my dad and mom, but anyway, when I come home to them then we always have good conversations.