Tutorial Transcript

I have been to many countries of this world, I was very ... in different countries of Europe, but I was there when i was little. I was in Saudi Arabia when i was five then in Germany when i was 10 and 12 years , that is, I was in different countries, but when i was very very little. And I I remember almost nothing, unfortunately, but now I .. my girlfriend loves to travel and she just cannot wait until we finish studying and we will have money to travel. So, and now we plan to travel to different countries, to Greece, to Europe, then to Thailand, to Bali, and so on, to different countries. And now we are looking at different hotels, at different good places in different countries and just dream of getting there. But I wanted to talk about that traveling, it helps you relax, that is, when I went, let's say to Russia, new atmosphere helps you gain strength as well. When you're just in the same space, in one city constantly, then you have energy .. energy is somehow low or something, that is, not enough change of the situation for your brain to work well again. And so I cannot wait to be able to travel around the world. And I hope that I can make videos from different countries as well to teach you guys .. to continue teaching Russian language and to also be useful for you, even though I will be in different countries travelling.