Tutorial Transcript

We started the 30-day Speaking Challenge on, I think, the third of September. A week has passed. When will you see this video it will be two weeks, and this is our first challenge. We never did anything like that. We had a BeFluent Camp, but there the structure is a little different. And I would like to talk about how the Speaking Challenge is going. I believe that it's going successfully because the students like the course a lot and for everyone it's very useful. There are a lot of resources on the Internet on grammar, vocabulary, but very few exercises for development of speaking, hearing and pronunciation. And we in this course, in this challenge, we are focusing on this. We are putting emphasis on this, and I believe that we doing everything well. It takes us a lot of time. For me as a teacher. and for my team as organizers, but it's worth it. I think people really learn a lot, and have already learned a lot. Of course we will do more Speaking Challenges in the future.