Tutorial Transcript

Our Be Fluent team has grown tremendously this year. A lot of people came to us. At first there were three of us, me and my two friends. At first I was by myself, then two friends joined me. Then a programmer came to us, then a designer, then people who are working with translations and so on. And now we have about ten people working for us, not all of them work full-time, but they also help us develop our business. I am very glad that we are able to attract good responsible people who do their job right. We never have to check behind them, they always do everything efficiently. I am very glad that we found these people. Further, we also need to hire new people, new specialists, and I'm a little afraid, a little worried, we need to attract good people so that they are good as people and as professionals. And very often it is not easy to see it right away, but I hope that we will succeed.