Tutorial Transcript

The leader is the person who you want to trust. A leader is not just a manager in a company, or an older brother, or dad, or mom and so on ... It is a person who is ready to take on a large responsibility. And a good leader is the leader who puts the good of the common, or the good of his subordinates in front of their good. Meaning leader, good leader, is not selfish, he will not first take a part, and then give it to his subordinates. On the contrary, he is rather first give don't know, money or food or some limited resources to his subordinates, and then, what will be left he take for himself and now it’s very important for me to be a good leader because BeFluent is developing. More people come to us on the channel, to us on our platform, to our courses and so on. And soon, I'm sure our team BeFluent will grow, grow, grow, grow and grow. As a good leader, I have to act appropriately so that people Can work as productively as possible, and so that people were comfortable working in our company. And I have to make sure that the people who work for us now who will work with us so that they, so that the company’s interest is in first priority to them, not their personal achievements or their personal benefit from this, and this should come from me as the leader of the company. And with time I learn more about myself, as a leader, about myself as a boss, as a manager. And more and more I learn new things and more and more I learn how to behave properly so that people trust you.