Tutorial Transcript

I recently bought myself a new piece of equipment. First, I bought myself new lights, now I have two new lamps in front of me that illuminate me. Past lamps were cheap and bad. They were very dim and very unprofessional, so to speak. The light they emitted was uncontrollable. I could not adjust that light for myself, but now I can do it. Secondly, I bought myself a new monitor for my computer. It so happens that I am at the computer for ten hours, sometimes twelve hours a day. I work on a computer, I play on a computer, watch movies, watch YouTube and so on. I decided that I needed a new monitor so that my eyes would not hurt and the image quality would be better. I bought myself a good monitor, which I hope will serve me for a very long time. Finally, I bought myself new headphones. Previous headphones were also very simple and cheap. The sound quality was not very good and they were not very comfortable, my ears and head ached very often from these headphones. Also now I have a microphone on my headphones, which is much easier for recording voice messages and for playing on a computer too. And I am glad that I can afford to improve my equipment, because it is more comfortable for me to work and I am sure that it is easier for me to work this way. Earlier I bought myself a new chair, for example, and since then my back does not hurt at all. I can sit and work longer without discomfort. Something like that.