Tutorial Transcript

Summer has come to an end. I am very pleased with the way I spent this summer. I hung out a lot with friends, with my family and worked a lot, which is also very important and the weather was great, the weather was wonderful, very Warm, little rain and very fresh air. I also worked a lot around the house, doing good things for my house, for my parents, but the most important thing what happened this summer for me, it's that I understood how I need to work. These three months I only worked for BeFluent, I did not have work, I did not have university, I only worked for myself. And I worked out a certain routine, a certain technique of work, which for me is very very useful and very important. This way I am able to do more. And I became more disciplined and this summer is the last page in the chapter of my life called "study" starting with next week, I’ll already step into adulthood, and I think I'm ready for it.