Tutorial Transcript

Phones in our life are every day. We use them everyday. We wake up checking posts, checking Instagram posts, and then we just start our day. I do not remember, when I started the day off without a phone. I of course I try not to touch the phone before breakfast, that is, I ate breakfast, and only then I can be on my phone but it is very difficult and the phone force us, that is, companies that make phones and apps they make us check the phone every second. These are all constant alerts, messages, reminders and so on just drag us to the phone. Now I am in America and here this problem is a little more obvious or something. Because very often I’m going somewhere to a restaurant or cafe, and majority of friend circles just like that are on their phones and do not even talk. In Russia this also exists, of course, but there's less of this. And so about two years ago I decided that the phone should take a very small part of my day, otherwise I can just sit in it for a very long time and not do anything. Of course I work on the phone, I will check the messages of our students, but very often I just waste time behind it. And how did I make my phone not to distract me almost at all. Firstly, I have very few alerts. I turned off instagram alerts in other social networks where, well, is it not important if I check messages now or in five hours. So. That is, I do not constantly get phone notifications. I onlt get messages from Telegram Vkontakte, or WhatsApp come to my phone phone. I have nothing else. This is the first, then have I turned off many alerts with different applications. And the second I slowly began to clear all people whom I follow, or were friends with on VKontakte, or people in instagram. Now on Instagram I am subscribed to only 15 people, or maybe probably even less,14 people. Because if I am interested in someone's life I will look, but I do not need this passive .. a passive feed of people's lives, who I do not care or they are my acquaintances. I can just call if I need to chat with them. Also Vkontakte. Vkontakte is something like facebook in America, only it's in Russia well of course you can register there too, if you are interested in it. So... And there I have probably 40 friends now, probably. This is too very little, because I do not want to see photos of different news of people, who are just my acquaintances. It also helps a lot. Well and the third I try to discipline myself so that let's say now I am recording this video and I have my phone lying face down. It rarely lies like this, typically it lies like this. It also helps a lot.