Tutorial Transcript

Increasingly, I notice that different businesses go online only because many offices close, shops close and people, businessmen, are trying to find ways to sell their product. And so many people who...many companies that sold products in stores, they now have free delivery or a good website where people can order any things, any products. We, considering this, are very lucky because even before this virus we had all the business online, and therefore for us we do not change anything, nothing at all. Everything remains as it was before. All our team is working from home, we didn’t have an office, we didn’t there was no, I don’t know store, and we didn't have anything offline, so to speak, we had everything online. But I'm glad that businesses are moving into online because for me as a buyer, it's much easier to buy a product online than to drive to the store, to choose, to spend time and then to buy the same thing. And probably for businesses, this is also better because the cost of maintaining the store is much more than the cost of maintaining online site.