Tutorial Transcript

I go to bed early. I usually go to bed at ten or eleven o'clock. Before I go to sleep I try to move away from all screens and just relax. Very often I work until the evening, but I try to move away from the computer at eight o'clock. Because I need to relax before I go to sleep. If I work until ten hours and then immediately go to sleep, then very often I cannot sleep for a very long time, because my brain is still actively working and I find it difficult to fall asleep and just to relax. Therefore I realized that I need to stop working at eight o'clock, I don't know, read a book, play the guitar, talk to my wife, see TV series with my wife, then wash my face and go to sleep. But of course I cannot do it all the time, very often I have a lot of work, or I for example I had a lot of rest during the day and that's why I try work more in the evening. But I still try to go to bed at ten o'clock, leave computer at eight o'clock and just try to relax in the evening, because if I don't, I don't sleep well or I don't get enough sleep. Because maybe I'm sleeping, yes, but I'm not resting during sleep. For me it is very important to rest so that the next day I wake up and be fresh and be full of energy to spend the day well day to come, have a good next day.