Tutorial Transcript

We have our own platform for learning Russian, Be Fluent Class. Students come to us every day and we are glad that you really like our platform. For us, this is probably a project of our entire life. We put our heart and soul into this platform and all the knowledge that we have accumulated during all this time we are investing there. We want to make a platform where a person without knowledge of the Russian language at all can come and learn Russian from scratch to the very end, to a conversational level. And in September we added a couple of new things to our platform. First of all, Russian content is films and TV series in Russian with translations and all that is needed for students. These are translations of each word, different cases of words, and so on. Anything you need. So that our students can learn Russian not only from books and lessons, but also just by watching a TV series or movie, which is much more interesting and much more interactive or something. This is the first thing. And we also want to add new movies, TV series, songs, news, YouTube channels and everything else to this site. And second, we added the fifth level to our program, the main program. We had four, now five. The fifth level is just deeper topics, more difficult topics in grammar and more. I think that for higher level students it will be very helpful. And yes, we did it all in September, and we plan to put out more exercises for grammar, exercises for listening, speaking, vocabulary and so on in October. So that you dear students can choose what you need to work on, and pump up this skill, improve it. And we, of course, plan to further develop our platform. And to be honest, I myself am personally very glad that we do it, that you like it, that we can help you in learning Russian, because Russian is a very difficult language, and I think that together we can build a platform that will be liked by everyone, which will be useful to everyone.