Tutorial Transcript

I really love to snowboard. I rode, probably, twenty-five days in total and I'm good at it, I think so. I plan to go to Utah in December, which has high mountains and good resorts. I want to go with my wife, and with my wife's friends. There will be five of us, they will also snowboard, but one of my wife's friends is skiing. And we are very glad that we can go on this trip, because now no one travels with the coronavirus, everyone is sitting at home and I’m just glad to go somewhere. I also really love snowboarding, it’s my passion or something, nothing else brings me pleasure like snowboarding. And now we have already booked an apartment, we bought plane tickets. Now we just plan what we will do there, that is, we snowboard, and then what to do. Now we are discussing this also, I am choosing clothes for a snowboard, because all my clothes were left in Russia. I have nothing here. So I order my clothes and I hope they arrive on time.