Tutorial Transcript

Today is Sunday I am not doing almost anything. I relax, but tomorrow a new week will begin. On Monday, I will have only one class, so in the morning I wake up very early approximately at 6:30 am and will be doing my own thing. I think that in the afternoon I will go to gym. On Tuesday I will have two classes and I will have a lot of homework to do, which I will do in the morning or in the afternoon on Tuesday. On Wednesday I don't have any classes, I'm completely free but i will do other useful things. In the evening I want to read a book and to watch a movie. On Thursday I have the busiest day, I have three classes and one exam. On Friday, I do not have classes again, but on Friday afternoon and evening I will do a lot on BeFluent: different content and other things for you. On Saturday and Sunday I will rest, spending time with my girlfriend and not do anything at all.