Tutorial Transcript

I have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in childhood. I wanted to be a businessman because I saw that they are the freest people, people with the greatest potential and also of course, ones of the most famous people in the world, that is, many people know company owners, say Microsoft or Apple or other similar companies. That is, people who lead all these companies, they are considered at the top of society kind of. So. And I wanted this for myself also, I wanted that freedom that potential, that development, and so that my whole life is only depended on me, not on my boss, for example. And now I think about, probably a year ago I realized that my business BeFluent really can I can earn for my living through and that can I provide for myself through BeFluent. And I used to think that I want to be a businessman but I didn't know if I could succeed, will I get lucky or not, or I just try and try and try and all this will useless and all this will be to no avail. But last year I realized that yes I see growth I see progress, I see that really we can, I can provide for myself through BeFluent and of course it cannot not make me happy. I'm glad that my dreams came true. My dream, my goal, I achieved it. That I really can now say I'm a businessman I'm an entrepreneur. And that every year my life is getting better and better because our BeFluent grows more and more. I'm glad that, the way we do business is we do not walk on people's heads, we are an honest business, we pay taxes. That's we're just really, we are not trying to deceive anyone and we do fair business we just do it in order to make a world a little better to make life for those who study Russian a little better and of course, in return for this we're also rewarded, that is we also get some benefits from all this and that really me and my company, we can feed ourselves, we can feed our families, so to speak, with what we do. So. And for me it is of course a very good thing because that I always dreamed about it, but sometimes I thought: "Well, probably this is not for me, probably I'll still go to work and I will work like everyone else". But I'm glad it didn't happen and the fact that our business is successful. And I hope that it will be so all the rest of my life and a couple hundred years after that.