Tutorial Transcript

I recently moved to America to Los Angeles. And here you need a lot money to live well and many people try to work a lot. And recently I talked with a lady, and we talked about what it means to work a lot and and what it means to work hard. And me and her came to the conclusion that sometimes to work hard is not good. It’s sometimes not good to work hard and sometimes when you work hard sometimes it’s a sign of laziness. That you just don't want to think a little and somehow change your life and somehow do something differently. For example, you just find a new job, right, instead of, say, start your own business, or do... you just work a lot, although you could automate this process somehow and work less. This is also a form of laziness. And for me, hard work means you work a lot, but you are also looking for ways how to make this work easier for yourself, you don’t just work all day right, but you constantly think about how to do the same thing, only faster or do the same thing only much better for example. And if every day you ask yourself how can I work, do the same thing, that is, have the same results, working less. Sometimes you can automate things like make a program on a computer, that will do the work for you, sometimes it's just finding an assistant for example and pay him money for your work. And therefore not always hard work means working a lot, sometimes it means finding ways for you to work less.