Tutorial Transcript

I do not really like to buy myself things. I don't have very many clothes. I have a lot of regular T-shirts in which I like to wear. I do not like to dress up in suits or in some very colorful pants, jackets and so on. I prefer to wear loose clothes, it's like shorts, T-shirts, sweaters that are baggy and the pants are also loose. I don't even like to wear jeans because usually I'm very hot in jeans. And recently I bought myself, probably the only jacket for the whole this year, I didn't buy anything for myself, I bought a jacket and that's it. This was my first purchase of any clothes this year. Because of course we are sitting at home, now is a pandemic, nobody goes outside almost, and in California it's very hot here, I didn't have to buy sweaters. I didn't have to buy anything new. But now I just decided to treat myself a little and bought myself, just an ordinary one sweater. I've never been a lover to shop, I never loved to buy some expensive T-shirts, expensive clothes basically. I think that for me it is not very important. It is important for me that the clothes are comfortable and spacious well, just for it to look good. The price of clothes is absolutely not important.