Tutorial Transcript

I woke up this morning quite early. I woke up at seven in the morning, and went to eat breakfast. For breakfast, I ate eggs with bacon and milk. It was very tasty, by the way. So... then I'm with my friends, we played a computer game called Deep Rock Galactic. It is very interesting and fun game for three and for four. We played as three. Yeah.. I live in America now and all my friends are in Russia, and therefore it is very difficult for us to spend time together and when we play computer games, it unites us a little and we have fun and chat a little and spend time together also. Then I has a lesson lesson at BeFluent Camp. We talked about how to expand your vocabulary the stock was very helpful. I think that many learned a lot from it. And, it was very very good too. Then me and my girlfriend, we made a couple of videos for our second channel. So, and we shot pretty good videos. They were very informative. and interesting. And those who watch our channel living live, we hope you like it.