Tutorial Transcript

I really like the writer Walter Isaacson. Walter Isaacson writes biographies of people like let's say I have here's a book about Benjamin Franklin. I have not read this book yet but I read a book about Steve Jobs, about Einstein and now I read his book about ... about Leonardo Da Vinci. And all three books are already very interesting, because they talk about people we think of as geniuses. And he knows how to tell the story that you understand that these "geniuses", they are ordinary people. They are the same as me, the same as you We are all the same. And he shows how they achieved their genius. How could they accomplish being taken seriously. They are the same as we are, and that means each of us can become the same genius, the same great man like these people. And very often in biographies there are some lessons that I underline for myself. Let's say, like Da Vinci, he studied the world on his own. He ... he was interested to learn the world. He did not read biography books. (I meant "biology") and geography, and he himself tried to study this whole thing, by his own eyes, do it himself. Maybe for us too It will be very useful in our lives too. And also I learned a lot of lessons from Steve Jobs and from Einstein. And overall, I like to read biographies because you learn about the person much closer and it already doesn't seem like their accomplishments - it's just because they are very talented you understand that they worked for this very hard. Therefore, we consider them geniuses, because they put incredible effort to achieve what they have achieved.