Tutorial Transcript

V: Guys, we changed communication model a little bit. This time I will ask questions Fedor, he will to answer them. And here is my first question: Fedya, you probably already had thoughts about how to plan 2019, how ... what to do, what goals, what plans? Talk about it F: Well, yes, I have a couple of thoughts but for now without some special specificity, but, firstly, Of course, further develop Be Fluent In Russian channel and also our business overall. That is, Be Fluent, can you see it? Will push Be Fluent and somehow develop it. We have a few plans, some goals but I think that everyone will know about it when it will come out. So, in general, I plan, well, I think it's more of my duty to finish the university. I now have the last semester of masters which I, well, plan ti finish successfully. The first semester was very complicated and the second one will be a little easier. Therefore, I think that I finish without problems, then, of course after university - will come work, it is necessary to first find it. V: Do you have any ideas on that subject? F: Well, I have a couple of options. but they are very unpredictable, so to speak. That is, I still can not predict what will happen. While this is all very vague, blurry. Well, of course, if it will so happen that BeFluent can sustain me, of course, I will do it and I will not even look for a job, but it is only in the best outcome. V: Yes, guys, therefore, for Fedor not to have to search for work - subscribe to his YouTube channel, go on Be Fluent Camp F: Yes, the first link in the description, go there. Yes, this helps, it contributes, So. Well, of course, we will develop what I spoke of first. Now I have a question for you, Vadim. What are your plans? V: You will keep doing that, right? What are your plans for 2019 year? V: Basically all my plans are associated with music, I am constantly writing music, to find me without a guitar or without a notebook where I write lyrics or melodies - this is probably almost impossible. Even at work when I am doing ... F: Where is your guitar? Where? V: In your room F: Where is the book, where is your notebook? V: Shoot, you set me up F: Okay, go ahead. V: I will mainly deal with music, continue to move in that direction. Write, upload all music onto the platforms: iTunes and… F: iTunes even? That is already some serious songs huh? V: Well, of course, it will already be our own creator's material, very very cool F: Let's hope we will wait. Now you promise a lot here, many are watching you V: Yes, I am confident, c'mon F: Okay, okay V: Here, well, and then to strengthen English. I am sure it will be a lot of practice in my English language related with, again, with native speakers. So, really want to travel this year F: Yes, we have some plans V: Yes, do we reveal them? F: Well in general colors you can tell V: In short, guys, Be Fluent goes to Europe F: Yes, Be Fluent goes to Europe, but only me from Be Fluent. So if someone lives in Europe and they want to treat us to a good dinner or breakfast or lunch, doesn't matter. V: We do not care, absolutely, we will be very hungry F: Please text us. So okay, to Europe? And where to? V: Where? Where in Europe? F: I don't know yet V: I don't know either V: I think we will ride across Europe Fedya, we together celebrated New Year F: Yes, very well celebrated! V: Yes, very well celebrated. We wished many things to each other, but what would you wish here to the guys? F: I wish you, my friends, in this New Year, knowing that you all learn Russian language, I think. To have more discipline in this New Year, for you to set some goals and achieve them. But, the goals will not achieve themselves, and so you need to work hard and so I wish you a lot energy and a lot of desire and so that there will be great resources, and useful information, at your fingertips, including these videos.