Tutorial Transcript

New Year is a very big holiday in Russia. New Year is, I think, the main holiday in Russia. Everyone is resting and no one works on December 31 and January 1. And we too, me and my friends did not work. We went to the ski resort. Three of us celebrated the New Year: me and my two friends. We were on the resort for four days. We talked hung out and so on. I think that The New Year was great because we talked a lot and spent a lot of good time with each other. New Year for Russian people is a very important holiday. You understand that the past is stayigng behind and you need to change something. For me, this New Year will be a year of accomplishment, will be a year of new achievements and new projects for BeFluent. I'm sure you will like everything that will we do and that these projects will be useful for you too.