Tutorial Transcript

As a child I loved summer a lot, because in the summer children don't have school, children have holidays. We rest, we have no responsibilities, almost. I grew up in a house, meaning not in the apartment, we had our own land, garden, garage and etc. In the summer there are always a lot housework. In our family, We have a vegetable garden where need to work, we also very often built, something at home, be it a banya, new garage and so on. Constantly improving our house somehow, for make it better. And of course, like a son in this family I had to help my father and mother. And in the summer I did it very often. I also played tennis as a child and summer is the most active season of tournaments, there were a lot of tournaments in our region and I liked play tennis, and liked go to these tournaments, because what first i played tennis, secondly, it's new place, this is a new city, it was always very interesting. And also I learned to take responsibility for myself and make decisions for myrself. I didn't have a dad or mom who could make for me decisions. Like. What to spend money on? What time to get up to to get to the match? What to eat for breakfast, for lunch, dinner? etc. I believe that I was a very responsible boy just because I was forced to bear responsibility during these tournaments.