Tutorial Transcript

Hello friends! How are you? My name is Fedor. And today we have Full Russian, which means that I will speak only in Russian, I will speak about the fact that I need a vacation. Let's start. Vacation. I have been doing Youtube already two, almost three years, 3 ... 2 ... I forgot, honestly it does not matter, I do it for three years, let's say I have been doing YouTube for three years, and making videos. And for the last year I began to make videos very often, that is there are three or four videos a week, and I realized, that I'm getting a little tired. Slowly, I'm getting tired, but not only from YouTube, I also play tennis, I also study at a university, and the last 4 years they were chaotic a little, that is, I have very little free time, I'm constantly doing something, and especially lately I think that the last year, probably, I was very, very active on the channel. For the last year I have published two courses, I made a website, two of my websites came out, we did T-shirts, we did Facebook. A lot of things that occurred with BeFluent, occurred just in the last year, also in the last year I'm on the last year at the university, a lot of work. And I also play tennis constantly, about 2-3 hours a day I spend on tennis, and very little time to relax, and, I don't know, to do something else. I'm not going to leave with YouTube, I I'm not going to leave, I'm not going to stop teaching. This is what I like, something that is deep in my heart. I'm talking about that I just want to get away for a month and take a vacation. Vacation, which I will give myself, which will entail that I will not make videos, I will not be shooting, editing, uploading and so on I'll just take a vacation. I will explain why. I always want to teach you something. and recently I began to understand that although I do a lot of things, very often each of the components sort of unfinished, that is, I do for example 5 things, but I do them for 90 percent. And I decided that I needed do two or three things, but 100 percent, to the end, make them excellent. And then go back to YouTube, and make videos again. Also I understand that I need to work not only to create a video, but more work on yourself, how I teach, how do I share my information. And when you do it constantly, every day, every week, every month, every year, then it's a habit and you have it like how the clock goes in the same trajectory always. And I want to see and analyze, analyze myself and maybe change something for the better, and so I need to just exhale. Also, anyway, I will have a vacation at the beginning of June, I will start it on the 26th, May 26th is when I come to Russia, and in Russia I I'll just be for a month. In Russia I want to first spend time with family, with friends, relax, unwind. That's it let go of load of what happened to me in the university, in tennis, in BeFluent. I want to unload emotionally, then for me again to gain strength and get back to creating videos. I'm not leaving from the fact that I teach people Russian, I I leave precisely from mediocrity, I'm leaving from the fact that I'm like a conveyor making videos, but I need to give more attention give to some small points. I I hope that because of this content will be much better for you, because it's my main goal to do everything the best way. As soon as I return back to America, I'll continue recording videos, and continue to be more active on YouTube. While I'm on vacation I will also be replying to Facebook messages, to comments, to Instagram messages, to other, to BeFluent Class, to other projects that we are preparing, I'll do all this, but only will depart a little from active video creation on YouTube, I want to to do more other things that also require my attention. That's all for today, I hope that you could get some material for yourself and, to make this clear, I have two questions. First, summarize what I said in the comments in five sentences, what did you understand from this monologue, which I just held? And the second one is How well do you listen to what I'm saying? How well do you understand what I'm saying? I hope that these two questions will push you to what you need to study in the future. This is all I will see you in the next video, see you in the comments also. Bye Bye!