Tutorial Transcript

Subs start at 0:34 Today we live in an era of instant fame. Everyone is trying to become famous in one day. Everyone is trying to go after, to somehow catch a prize and become famous in a couple of hours. This can be seen through instagram, through songs, which people write, will be liked by all people, Right? And now, all of this kind, all try to chase fame and for a quick ... fast profit, so to speak. And for me, I'm watching now that's all, and I see Kim Kardashian, there I see Kylie Jenner, for example, who... and people are trying to become them. But they did not do anything, and why people seek to become ... exactly them, because that they have fame, they have attention, they have people's eyes, they have likes on Instagram, they have followers, they have money, and so on. And for me it's a little even so ... to me it's a little annoying. It was annoying. But then I realized that these people, they are known only at this time, they are known only now, only in this year, only in this decade for example. But after 100-200 years, no one they will remember them. If so to think about whom we remember from the last century? These are great artists, great actors, these are great scientific figures, these are great, maybe rulers of some kind, presidents and so on. That is, people who are really changed the history of mankind. But we do not remember any of those, say, small singers who ... who just like the current people try to catch the fame, because they did not leave any trace in humanity, on humanity. And we just ... we just know about all these fake singers and models, only because they live near us, they live now with us, next to us. And they somehow affect ours, I do not know the hour of life, but they have no affect on the whole of mankind. They are like there, they are sitting there they take naked photos for Instagram and so on, and do not affect life in any way around the world, roughly speaking. But I'm sure that we will remember people like let's say Elon Mask, for example, we will remember such people like, I do not know, Eminem, Bruno Mars, I do not know, some Ed Sheeran that really change their industry somehow, and people around ... people who listen to them really change their views on music. So, when I think about this, I don't so much, I'm not so worried about this, when I understand that in 50 years, all those who irritate me now with their presence and fame, they'll just disappear and evaporate, because we even have such examples in our lifetimes, when people simply tried to become famous for a month, right? And then they tried to keep this fame, and it simply quickly goes away just like it comes to them. So, that's it.