Tutorial Transcript

Coronavirus has taken over the whole world; it has taken over the world not with illness itself, but panic. People are simply panicking everywhere, all over the world. It’s impossible to buy food in America, everything is bought up, empty stores, no water, no toilet paper, no eggs, milk and so on. Why does it happen? After all very few, very few people are infected with a coronovirus. But people are in panic, as if the end of the world is coming, as if there would never be more water. This is not true, but I believe that the media we are being fed this fear. If we just turn off the TV and stop watching the news, that they are trying to scare us with, trying to pass fear somehow through the screens, then everything will be well. It’s just that each of us should be more hygienic, wash our hands wash our hands veryoften, and so on, and everything will be fine, but for some reason people believe that soon the end of the world will come. I don’t understand this, and people live in panic and live in fear. For me it it’s not clear at all, I myself will be more careful but I will not lock myself in my apartment and limit myself from the entire world.