Tutorial Transcript

Lately, I moved a lot to different countries. That is, from different countries. I moved from America, when I was at university, to Russia for a month or one and a half, for a month, and later... And now I moved back to America, and I will soon again study in university, and I again came to America. Because of this, my schedule is getting messed up. That is, I'm getting used to one regiment, and then I need to change it. And in addition to this change of countries, here in america my sister is with me, and she's here to explore California, and Los Angeles, and I'm like a certain guide for her. And because of this, too, I have to travel to different places where I've already been before, to show her California, yep. And why am I saying all this, in connection with this constant change, I have some kind of chaos developed in my daily routine, and I was constantly in a kind of stress, there was always the feeling that I don;t do enough things. I realized what I need to do. You just need to reduce .. slow down and enjoy nature more and enjoy every moment, because in every moment lies the true happiness. And now I very often just watch educational videos and do very little of productive quick things and lead every day more slowly.