Tutorial Transcript

Last Sunday we had Father's Day in America. We celebrated the Father's day with my wife's family. Here they have only one father which is my wife's father. My wife’s grandparents live in a different state, so we only had him alone. And so we decided to make him a very big surprise. My wife's dad is a filmmaker and he is also an acting coach, and we arranged for him a home cinema, that is, we took the projector we took speakers, we took popcorn, and sweets, pizza and just turned the house in a cinema. He really liked it because he He loves movies, but now all the cinemas are closed and he can’t go anywhere and therefore we set up a home theater for him. He liked it a lot and he was very grateful. In Russia, we don’t have such a big Father's Day, we have mother's day for sure, but I never heard of such a holiday Father's Day. But we have a day of protector of fatherland as a holiday, which in essence is a holiday for all men but of course, sometimes girls say but you did not go to war, you did not serve in the army, so I I won’t give you any gifts, but this happens very rarely and in generally in Russia I don’t think there is such a thing a great holiday for father, Father's Day, but we have a holiday of all men, more precisely Defender of the Fatherland Day and we celebrate it in Russia