Tutorial Transcript

I recently started thinking about how to structure my day. And how to structure my week even I have had a lot of work lately And I have another side job, schedule of which is very variable That is, I can, for example, work five hours in the morning, then five hours in the evening And that is, my work hours, they are constantly changing And because of this, it’s very difficult for me to adjust my daily routine I like to sleep early, that is, I like to go to bed early Suppose I can sleep from... I don’t know ... from ten in the evening until six in the morning, for example, right? Well for many it's very early, but for me it's the perfect time to sleep But very often I work, say, until midnight, I work until one in the morning and my daily routine gets messed up And recently, what I noticed is that when I do not have a job, I still do not follow my daily routine I still, let’s say, don’t sleep for very long, I play a computer, for example, at night Which, let's say, I shouldn't do And lately, I started to force myself, that's it, try to sleep, go to bed at the same time And waking up at the same time, for me it is very important For me, the most productive hours of the day for me is in the morning And if I wake up at one o’clock in the afternoon, at two in the afternoon, then for me the day will just go, well, bad, so to speak Therefore, I need to force myself to wake up early and go to bed early And the second point, probably is the most difficult, because in truth you need to have very great willpower To go to sleep when your friends ask you to play games with them And you just have to force yourself to go to bed and say no to them Very often it is very difficult to do, but I set a goal for myself To rebuild my daily routine as soon as possible