Tutorial Transcript

In the middle of May I traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I once was in Moscow, but I have not seen any attractions. I ... first time I arrived quite young, I don't remember it anymore, the second time I came for a visa, I left the airport, drove to the visa center and back to the airport. I did not see Moscow itself. And now this time I was in Moscow for four days and I really liked Moscow, it is very beautiful and developed city, also I visited St. Petersburg, I have never been to St. Petersburg before. The city is very beautiful, very interesting and people in St. Petersburg are also very interesting. I liked it more in St. Petersburg because it's more relaxed there and more beautiful, probably. And also Moscow and St. Petersburg pleasantly pleased me with its architecture: beautiful buildings, beautiful museums, beautiful even roads, beautiful streets, beautiful shopping centers, office buildings and so on. And so was the food very delicious there (Moscow) and there (St. Petersburg). I want to go as soon as possible to Moscow and St. Petersburg again. I don't know when this will happen, but I think it will definitely happen.