Tutorial Transcript

I meet so many different people, many people are very well-mannered, some not very well-mannered but I noticed one very interesting thing that age does not does not affect ... how much one is mature, or something, on how a person behaves. I met a lot of people who were twenty to twenty five years old but they behave very maturely, they are very serious people and they are very serious about their lives, but also I met many adults who are forty or forty five years old, who act like children. I realized one thing that, then, how serious you are on how well you know yourself, how well you understand what you need and how to behave. If you are not working on yourself, it’s immediately obvious it is clear that you are not working on your mistakes, not working on your bad behavior and you just behaving like a little child who does not understand that he is acting bad, and it’s not connected in any way to age, I repeat young people themselves are very mature, grown people behave very badly it only depends on how honest you are with yourself, I think so.