Tutorial Transcript

Friends, I must confess to you, I like to play computer games a lot. I love to play computer games, and I feel bad that I really love play computer games, because very often it is very difficult for me to stop. I play, I play, I play, I play and I play again, because I really like to play, I do not know. I used to play a game called Dota 2 And by the way, now is the tournament, the largest tournament on Dota 2, the prize pool of which is 24 or 25 million dollars. It's a lot of money, and because of this, of course, the quality of the game is very very high, I'm watching it now, I like it a lot, I get great pleasure. So. I used to play it, and I stopped, because it's such a game that if I started to play, then I can not stop for at least an hour, because one game lasts for about one hour, if you don't play until the end, and this is an online game, then you getpunished for this, and you, well in short, in general if you play, then you should play for an hour, so I stopped, because very often I played, and many, do not know, talk to me, or they needed my help, but I just could not, because I played. This is bad, and it took a lot of energy and time also. But now I I play heroes, heroes 3 - this is a very old game, which .. which 21 years old. This is a strategy for sure you know this game and I like, strategy, I love the development of some kind so anyway I play Heroes 3, and plus to everything, I can play and, say, listen to the interview, which I often I do. So, and now I'm talking about this and I want to play Heroes again. Well, okay, well, and I'm trying to fight this, because I need to do a lot different things always - it can be, for example, do video, there are other things to do, withBeFluent. Very often I just do not have time, because I spend a lot of time at computer.