Tutorial Transcript

All my life I dreamed of my home so that everything there was as I want it and now I’m slowly getting to this goal so that one day I will have my own house, big house with my own rooms, offices and so on, so that there was everything that I want all I could ever want and of course, all the things that my girlfriend will want too. So. And I am very glad that I I can dream about it now because I see that house of my dreams is not just a desire, is not just a dream and it is a real opportunity for me to get and build this house. I think it's real and possible maybe in the near future And I want three things in the house of my dreams. The first is my own office. Office in which I could work, do my thing so that everything was perfect there, and customized to me. Maybe it's bookcases, maybe it's a drawer with all the equipment like a microphone, camera, lights and so on so that everything orderly on the shelves And so that I could be there alone, and no one bothered me. This is the first. The second thing I want to have is a gym, that is it will be a gym in which there will be exercise equipment, as well as a place for martial arts. I really want to do either boxing or kickboxing, or something similar to that, to develop my body to improve on self defense as well. I want, I dream about my own personal trainer, who could come to me and train with me at my place. This is the second room. And the third room is a music room. I play the guitar and I want to have a room in my house where I could play the guitar. Loud or quiet, doesn't matter so that this room would be to play guitar and other musical instruments in it. And maybe my children, future children will also see this room and will also want to play musical instruments and want to do music too. This is what I dream about. My dreams are not really impossible. I believe that this is all really achievable!