Tutorial Transcript

I started playing sports very early. I started playing sports I think at the age of five, I am not exactly sure. I started playing tennis. I played tennis, seems to be 14 years old - 15 years old. Whole 15 years I played, and now I don't play tennis anymore. At least I took a break, I don't know if I will play in tennis again, we'll see. Maybe I'll be back to tennis. But from early childhood I was engaged in many sports. I played football, hockey, I did water polo, ran track, did martial arts, self-defense, I did on basketball, there were some more sports I am now already forgetting. Well, okay, it does not matter. So. And I have always been very active, I have always been very athletic and always at school I was one of the very best athletes and one of the best students in physical education. I really liked it. I have less time now to play sports, I have less time to attend classes So I'm just going tothe gym but I find that playing sports is mandatory part for each person. Everyone should be engaged in sports and develop somehow physically, not only intellectually, but also physically. Because it is very important it is very important. Because if your body is not working well then you will suffer and your health and yours well-being and your mental part also. So I think I would ever quit playing sports even in the latest years.