Tutorial Transcript

My friends are very good, I .. I have 5 best friends with whom we communicate almost every day. And they are all mine friends since high school. Two of them they want to be musicians and everyone else, including me just doing they own thing. Many of them are either ... three of them work for.. they work full time in companies. And I am the only one who is still studying at the university. And we already know each other for about seven or eight years, probably really very well know each other, of course we have known each other for 15 years, from the first grade, but were not talking much at the beginning of school. And now I believe that many of my successful endeavors depended directly on my friends. They always motivated me they always were that shoulder on which I can rely on in difficult situation. They always get me out from difficult situations, and situations from which I myself couldn't get out. And also they constantly support me in everything. I understand that these people will never leave my life. And in addition to my girlfriend they give me confidence. That is, when there are five people who take care of you very much and who you are ready to help, no matter what it will certainly give you tremendous self-confidence.