Tutorial Transcript

Last month, around... maybe one and a half, I'm at home And now we have quarantine and of course no one can go outside No jobs really for anyone Except, probably, restaurants and grocery stores And I am at home I sit at home and work for Be Fluent, I work for my business And honestly My life hasn’t changed much. On a typical day when I didn't have apart-time job I spent my days the same way, I also stayed at home, I also worked behind a computer Also shot videos, also posted them and so on But I realized one very interesting thing People are not used to sitting at home The people who usually work from Monday to Friday. They are not used to sitting at home and doing nothing. And so many people now They just do nothing, read books, I don’t know ... watch TV shows And so on Play computer games But I understand that Now it seems to me that this period Now Will make people think about To somehow transfer their work to home That is, for example, when ... I do not understand this, to be honest Why are there many companies where they have 1000 people working for them Why they can't transfer people who work online, just transfer them to work at home So that they do not have so much cost, I don’t know ... electricity Or just so people don’t travel to work for hours It seems to me now many companies will try to switch to work from home And maybe in the future This period now, it will actually help us move from office work. To work From home, so And it seems to me - this is a good change, this change will be for the better Because people will have more free time Which they can just spend on more useful things. Or things that they basically hadn’t had time before So But my life doesn’t change much, I also work for Be Fluent Also doing what I did before So everything is fine with me, everything is normal